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Moon Shadows Inspire Change

Last week we had a solar eclipse in Aries, and this upcoming week on May 5th, we have a lunar eclipse in Scorpio.

While I am not an astrologer, I do like to keep up with the suggestions of how to make the most of each phase we are in.

This lunar eclipse can bring to light the hidden ‘shadow’ feelings we have been ignoring, especially around our connections with others.

We might have some new insights on how we want to shift our relationships in meaningful ways.

Celebrate Your Shadows this Weekend

This weekend is about so much more than sexy witch outfits and jello shots with eyeballs floating in them.

This is a time that many cultures believe the veil is thin between the realms.
This is a great time to reflect on your own shadows with the Moon Card.
The Moon card is about our subconscious.
It’s about shedding light on what is hidden in the dark recesses of our mind.
The Moon Card wants us to see and accept our whole Self, bruised triggers and all.

Halloween Costume Idea Generator

Halloween can be an opportunity to wear your own inner monster on the outside, or hang a mirror up to the monsters of society that need mocked. When we draw our shadows to the surface, we weaken their power over our subconscious.

How the Cards Helped Me on a Bad Day

Last week, I shared another Caturday reading for all, inspired by Dexter Murdermittens (see below) that reminded me just how the cards can support a bad day.