“Together, we may cast ourselves into the future!” Dressed up for a Harry Potter party as Sybill Trelawney.
I have been reading in public since my professional start in Jackson Square, New Orleans. My event readings can range from a quick 3 minutes, to a more in-depth 15 minutes long. After the first few people come over for a reading, word of mouth typically leads to a full sign-up sheet.
Gary Reads Cards
Gary the Unigoat: Tarot Card Reader Extraordinaire!

I am also a member of a costume troupe called ‘Risk of Change’ that brings atmosphere to the Oregon Country Fair each year. This means that I have a great array of outfits to wear, and am happy to accommodate a special request. If you really crave the quirk of Portland at your party, my puppet, Gary the Unigoat, also has his own deck and costume and can perform exclusively or along with my own human readings.

I would be happy to meet with you and give you an event-style reading to help you get a better sense of my offering.

To book a session with me, you can either email me directly to start the conversation, or go strait to Portlandia Fortune Tellers and request ‘Jenna’ specifically in the online interest form. They can also provide extra readers if you expect a large turnout.
Lern Conference
Before the wave of conference attendees arrive for a break of beverages and divination
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