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My Ack!Knowledements

I have been thinking about validation lately.

People often reflect that my tarot readings are validating, and I enjoy being a stranger who can reflect back what your intuition is saying.

More poignantly though, I have been talking about acknowledgement with my therapist a lot.

Because I desire approval and I don’t like that appetite.

Can you relate?

We seek it from friends, lovers, family, and, to an unhealthy degree, random strangers on the internet.

Often these groups don’t reflect what we want. But we keep going back anyway.


Celebrate Your Shadows this Weekend

This weekend is about so much more than sexy witch outfits and jello shots with eyeballs floating in them.

This is a time that many cultures believe the veil is thin between the realms.
This is a great time to reflect on your own shadows with the Moon Card.
The Moon card is about our subconscious.
It’s about shedding light on what is hidden in the dark recesses of our mind.
The Moon Card wants us to see and accept our whole Self, bruised triggers and all.