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The Value of travel: Global and Internal

Tomorrow, I embark on an adventure to Ecuador!

It’s been a while since I have been on a trip like this.

In my 20’s, I worked and traveled abroad for many years in Asia.

After I landed in Portland in 2008, I shifted into a Pentacles Era of nurturing resources like my home, business, relationships, and community.

Now, I find myself wondering what makes big journeys so very essential.

The Future is Formed by Stories of the Past

My Mom always impresses me with her deep well of positivity.

She considers herself incredibly lucky. I agree, and yet her story could be adapted into a harrowing drama.

Today, I want to offer us all an exercise in reframing our stories.

Look from a New Angle

Snow has blanketed my home town of Portland, Oregon. Plans were cancelled. Readings moved online.
Moments like these insist on a fresh perspective. Everything looks so different outside that the mood inside the house shifts along with it.
Tarot also asks us to gain insight from a new lens. Our problems transit into lessons for our evolution.
It’s like the changing the lighting in a room. Nothing physically moves, but the elements look completely different.
Today, I want to offer some ways that even basic archetypes can do this.

Life is Overwhelming: Let’s Simplify

As a Tarot Reader, I know that it all comes down to balance.
From a Tarot perspective, we need to engage with each of the four elements everyday.

Earth is about our income and resources, including relationships.
Water is about the heart and emotions and our spiritual connection.
Air is about our mental intellect and communication.
Fire is about our desire, movement, and the way we move our energy.

Treat Yourself to a Fresh Perspective

One of my favorite types of readings to give is ‘Tarot Together‘, where two familiars sit and listen in on each other’s 30-minute readings. The person receiving the reading will often sit with a poker face, while their companion reflects delight and dismay at… Continue Reading “Treat Yourself to a Fresh Perspective”

Moody Decks Make Me Happy

As I was walking through the NW Tarot Symposium, the name ‘Pensive Path’ passed by me, hanging from a woman’s lanyard with antique images all around it.
The name resonated because it is so similar to my own, and the images impelled me to stop and ask her about it.
It turned out to be Reese Marren, a deck designer at The Curated Card. She pulls together meaningful decks from hours of digging through old art resources.

More Fun is Soon to Come

If the last few months felt stuck, get ready for a change!
Astrologically, things are shifting forward finally on a lot of levels.
The cards agree and have some tips of how to make it move more smoothly, as you will find in the free reading that I share this week when you click here!

Pretty Oracles and Positive Astro Events

If things have felt a bit stuck since the end of October, trust that they should start moving more smoothly soon.

This week, Mars went out of retrograde and is heading direct.

This means that we can all begin to focus on the projects that we care about again with confidence that they will flow more easily.

This will improve even more next week when Mercury comes out of Retrograde.

While letting yourself relax a few more days, check out my new flip through video on YouTube of the Sacred Rebels Oracle. It’s everything you want a New Age Oracle deck to be.

Make the Most of this Moment

As a Cancerian, I can tell you that the Full Moon in Cancer is a powerful time to feel the feels. This weekend is a great time to cry and release the emotions.
Cancer is an intuitive, spiritual sign, but it’s also one that carries the shadows of self-awareness.
This round is especially poignant, and the main message for today and this weekend is to notice what you are ready to let go of in your old self.

How to Best Approach the Start to 2023

Each year, we set forth into the new year with a list of ways we want to be better.
But this year, your best choice is to put that off a few weeks and focus on the ways you’re proud you have been successful.