Celebrate Your Shadows this Weekend

This weekend is about so much more than sexy witch outfits and jello shots with eyeballs floating in them.

This is a time that many cultures believe the veil is thin between the realms.
We celebrate and remember our ancestors who have passed.
We talk to them and share how we miss them and thank them for watching over us.
We acknowledge the lessons they gave us when they were with us in the physical field.

This time is also about playing with the darkness.
We tease our fears by installing demons and symbols of horror on our front porches.
We risk being scared with a spooky movie night with friends.
We dress up and play out reflections of the things that scare us to infuse laughter into the anxiety.

This is a great time to reflect on your own shadows with the Moon Card.
The Moon card is about our subconscious.
It’s about shedding light on what is hidden in the dark recesses of our mind.
The Moon Card wants us to see and accept our whole Self, bruised triggers and all.

Moon Card Halloween Activity

Light a candle
Pull out and meditate on your favorite, darkest Moon Card
Call in Your Guardians, Guides, Angels and Ancestors to Support this Exercise

Consider and choose ONE aspect of yourself that you prefer to keep hidden from others
Sit with the feeling it brings up in you; where do you feel it in your body?

Call in your own kind, wise adult self who loves this part of you
Speak to this part, asking what it wants to share.
Nurture this part of you with words of affection and love and acceptance
Coax it to share how it feels
Tell it how it is welcome in you, and perhaps offer insights of what gifts it brings

Then, think of whether there is a way to externalize this shadow.
Is there a costume character that captures what this part needs to express?
Can you buy a toy or a puppet that it could speak through sometimes?
Do you need a special journal for this shadow to free write in?
Or, is there someone safe and confidential to share about this part of you with?

Thank this part of you for what it has shared
Thank your wise adult for supporting this process
Thank your Guardians, Guides, Angels, and Ancestors

Light some cleansing herbs or incense with the candle
Blow out the candle to close the container

To get more clarity around these shadows, step into a personal Tarot Reading with Jenna, who brings grace and loving compassion to these hidden parts of life.

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Happy Halloween,
Jenna Lynne Roberts

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