Halloween Costume Idea Generator

For me, All Hallows Eve is more than just a party. It’s a chance to don a mask that truly invokes the shadow in me that needs set free.

I love costume work. I especially revel in portraying a character that expresses an aspect of myself or society that needs made fun of or brought to the lighter side.

Halloween can be an opportunity to wear your own inner monster on the outside, or hang a mirror up to the monsters of society that need mocked. When we draw our shadows to the surface, we weaken their power over our subconscious.

This week, I want to help you find your own mask to express your personal dark side this year.

Take a moment to breathe and settle as you answer one or more of the following questions:

What is a fear or anxiety that haunts me lately?

What am I afraid people will see me as?

Who or what in society bothers me deeply right now?

What archetypes or metaphors can present these natures in a theatrical way?

How can I make fun with any of the above in a way that helps me playfully release my shame, fear, disgust, worry, dread, or anger?

Perhaps also pull some cards for each of these questions to see what else emerges.

Then, mull over the answers in the cauldron. Stew the goo and love yourself for being able to look at your grunk in the trunk with curious acceptance.

Ponder intuitively what outfit feels like it would allow you to express or release this demon in a way that softens it’s grip on you.

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I hope you enjoy tapping into the darkness of the season by loving your shadows and seeing how they are a part of your best evolution.

Nurture your Whole Self,
Jenna Lynne Roberts

Thanks to https://unsplash.com/@theonlynoonan for the featured image!

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