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Celebrate Your Shadows this Weekend

This weekend is about so much more than sexy witch outfits and jello shots with eyeballs floating in them.

This is a time that many cultures believe the veil is thin between the realms.
This is a great time to reflect on your own shadows with the Moon Card.
The Moon card is about our subconscious.
It’s about shedding light on what is hidden in the dark recesses of our mind.
The Moon Card wants us to see and accept our whole Self, bruised triggers and all.

Going Internal for the Seasonal Gifts

I love Fall. It brings with it the lovely leaves and the need to go inside our homes and read or dive into whatever introspective projects you crave. I just bought a ukelele myself.

We begin our Autumn season with the sacred holy day of Samhain (pronounced “Sao-wen). Typically, Samhain is celebrated around the same time as Halloween, although they are different culturally.

With all the hubbub of the season with costume parties, it makes sense to me to simply enact your own personal Samhain ritual when you can make room for a quiet moment to do so at this time of year.

There are different ways to celebrate if you so choose.

If you give a Witch an Intuitive Astrology Reading . . .

Well, this week was a doozy for me. That’s why I simply want to share with you an Intutive Astrology weekly report from Molly McCord that felt like I was getting a personal tarot reading.