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Learning Tarot teaches you a way to listen more clearly to your higher self, align your wavelength with wisdom, and redirect your own habits for the better.

Jenna has decades of experience in both reading the cards and as a professional educator. She includes lessons for all learning types and levels.

Email Jenna to share interest in certain times or dates. Many courses can happen if a small group can commit early.

Regular Online Course Offerings:

The Art of Tarot: In-Depth 9-Hour Online Course

9 hours of live classes and enriching, original PDF materials for only $169

Read the cards without a book.
Overcome those menacing self-doubts.
Enjoy deepening your awareness of your own divine clarity.
It’s time to finally access magick knowing to align with your best decisions.
Learning Tarot is a wonderful path by which to better access your own infinite wisdom and build a healthy habit in listening to your intuition.
This course gives you an empowering overview of how to learn the cards in depth while developing your own intuition.
We will cover the essentials of:
– Minor Arcana Elements
– Court Card Personalities
– Major Arcana as the Hero’s Journey
– Juxtaposing and Integrating Cards Together
– Reversals
– Clairvoyance skills
– Integrity when reading for others
– Grounding Preparation and Clearing Closure
– Energetic Protection
By the end, you can define your own best rituals, spreads, and style to perform the art in your own way.
Within these Zoom sessions, students will be able to break out into small reading practices in pairs to integrate the lessons.
All students will need to have wifi access, a Zoom account, and a 78-card, 5-suit Tarot deck (Rider-Waite-Smith based or other traditional set).
Informational PDF’s will be sent to you via email ahead of the classes.
If this time does not work for you and you would like to take this class, please note that each class is recorded and available to watch for 3 months after the course completes.
Class is only $169 for 9 hours of class plus lots of useful materials.
If you and a friend want to join together, use the code 2FORCLASS for 10% extra off! Both of you will need to book within 3 days of each other and mention each other’s names in the checkout questionnaire.
Payment can ideally be made via this scheduling link
OR – if that doesn’t work for you, use one of these options:
Paypal to the account PayPal.me/PresentPath
OR to Venmo @jennalynne77
Write in the notes ‘Art of Tarot’ on PayPal or Venmo please.
If you do have a monetary limitation, please PM me with a reasonable trade you can offer or a payment plan that would work for you.
Tap into your inherent knowledge of the archetypes so you don’t need to pause a reading to turn to a book.
What skill level is this class for?
This class is well-suited for anyone from a total beginner to an intermediate reader. I have even had very experienced readers enjoy the course, as it offers a fresh perspective on the cards.
What if I can’t make a class?
I offer access to the videos online by the day after each class. These will be available for 3 months after the course completes.
Do I need to have a deck already?
Yes! Please don’t believe the myth that you need to be gifted your first deck.
Here’s a video with tips to consider what to look for in a learning deck:
Who are you anyway?
About Jenna: I have been reading cards over half my life, and professionally for over a decade in places such as New Orleans, New York and, most of all, Portland, Oregon.
I love the art of reading cards and I believe everyone can access their own unique skills to guide their own lives and assist others on their paths.
I am an instructor by trade, and love designing curriculum that gives you both an intellectual base as well as the experiential activities to set you on a path toward competence, with tools to access more education and laughter along the way.
My class has received wonderful feedback from students, some of whom have returned for a second round. I am excited to share this online edition with you now.
Feel free to message me with any questions, or if you know someone who would like to be invited.
Ongoing Offerings:

Clairvoyance Development Workshop Online

This is a fun experiential learning workshop for all levels. Please message me if you would like to be included in a future session.

Develop your own natural clairvoyant abilities as you learn about the various ways we can trust our intuition. Jenna will take you through a fun and relaxing educational experience that includes meditation and practice sessions to explore your sixth sense.

Tarot Tutoring

I teach one-on-one tutor sessions online and in-person. These can also be designed for pairs or groups. In this situation, you can share with me your skills and uncertainties as a reader, and we can focus on answering the questions that bring you closer to mastering the art of reading. In only a few tutoring sessions, we can enhance your confidence as a reader and give you insightful directions to grasp the cards more organically. You can also opt to add a friend for a small extra fee.

Schedule Here:

Yoga / Meditation / Qi Gong

I teach one-on-one lessons or small group lessons in Hatha and Chair Yoga, Guided Meditation, and Qi Gong both in person and online. This is for all levels of any practice, and you can include friends with the add-on option for some fun interactive connections and inspirations.


Feel free to message me with any questions HERE


You can Schedule a Tutor Session or an upcoming Class here:

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“My first Tarot reading with Jenna was exactly what I was looking for. She was on point with her sensitive intuition to guide me on the journey with the cards, which gave me a lot of insight to the questions I had. Jenna is…

Rebecca Nova Ballard

“Jenna’s reading was insightful and helped me lead to some conclusions I have been looking for. She was able to help me piece my plans together and put my mind at ease.”

Christopher Bonnichsen

Jenna has a way with the cards.  She has read my cards multiple times.  In those readings she has foreseen incoming relationships and the purpose they hold in my life, seen and directed things I needed to do to nurture current family and friend…

Talor Lee-Stiles

Sitting with Jenna for a Tarot reading was like meeting an old friend that knows me better than I know myself. She is a truly magical being with incredible intuitive powers. I left the reading with a lightness I hadn’t felt in so long and empowered…

Genevieve Mauro
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