Learning Tarot is more than just divination, it’s a way of looking at the world in regards to the elemental nature of things. It’s a practice that helps you consider how to better balance your being, support loved ones, and strategize managing challenges or challenging people. Everyone is capable of tapping into their own infinite wisdom. The art of tarot is a wonderful path by which to access your own divine knowing.

This course helps you to develop your natural divination skills while we learn the varied meanings and interrelations of the cards, suits, and symbols. Together we practice techniques that enhance your intuition and protect your energy field. By the end, you can define your own best rituals, spreads, and style to perform the art in your own way.

All levels are welcome, with the (Rider) Waite-Smith Deck as the focus, but any 5-suit system will relate. Extra decks will be provided. We will talk about how to choose your deck on the first night, so feel free to wait to purchase one (or a new one) until then.

I have taught this class multiple times already and received wonderful feedback from students, some of whom have come for another session to deepen their skills.

Feel free to message me with any questions.

Tarot Class Flyer

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