Going Internal for the Seasonal Gifts

I love Fall. It brings with it the lovely leaves and the need to go inside our homes and read or dive into whatever introspective projects you crave. I just bought a ukelele myself.

We begin our Autumn season with the sacred holy day of Samhain (pronounced “Sao-wen). Typically, Samhain is celebrated around the same time as Halloween, although they are different culturally.

With all the hubbub of the season with costume parties, it makes sense to me to simply enact your own personal Samhain ritual when you can make room for a quiet moment to do so at this time of year.

There are different ways to celebrate if you so choose.

My sacred mummer costume troupe will have a ritual dinner where we put out a plate for our dearly departed and eat in silence, being conscious of the grace of this body we still reside in on this earth.

The most common way to celebrate is to simply honor those you have lost. Put up their pictures, perhaps even on an altar. Light a candle and meditate on memories of them.

You can also put together a more general altar for the dead. Place bones and hides and leaves where you can see them daily. Use this as a reminder to ponder on the temporal nature of this life.

More simply, take a quiet walk in nature and let yourself be aware of the ever-present truths of life and death that permeates all in this season of the year.

Of course, you also can use this auspicious time to tap into the liminal spaces to learn more about your own path with a personal Tarot Reading.

Then, see through the veils yourself with a Tarot Tutoring session.
Include a friend to share the cost as well! Only $10 extra for each person after 2 if you want to make an event of it with friends across the country!

On a lighter hearted level, learn the skills of listening deeply with some Intuition Coaching.

Blessed Samhain to Each of You,
Jenna Lynne Roberts

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