If you give a Witch an Intuitive Astrology Reading . . .

Happy Samhain! Happy Halloween!

Well, this week was a doozy for me. That’s why I simply want to share with you an Intutive Astrology weekly report from Molly McCord that felt like I was getting a personal tarot reading.

I don’t know her, and I get no personal benefit from linking her to you.

But . . . maybe I do in the way that the classic book, If you Give a Mouse a Cookie illuminates.

Because . . .

. . . if listening to her does for you what it did for me

. . . then you will be moved to listen to your own intuition more deeply

. . . you might decide to trust the magic more

. . . and crave more opportunities to experience the sensation of trusting yourself

. . . enough to get a session of intuition coaching to support developing your own gifts

. . . that makes you want to test out your truths with a validating tarot reading

. . . and realize that the cards are an incredible tool to develop your psychic gifts

. . . so you sign up for a tarot tutoring session with one friend for no extra cost

. . . and then your friend gets invigorated to seek out more magic in their life by joining the upcoming Clairvoyance Workshop at the Crystal Guide in Portland

. . . and they buy a crystal from my friend Michelle, who gives them a lesson on the value of crystals

. . .  and the magic spreads outward from there.

I hope this casts some fine spells on your weekend.

Brewing Magic,
Jenna Lynne Roberts

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