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My readings offer insights into the present path and how to best navigate life from the highest self. My style comes with warm humor, considerate sensitivity, and a direction toward positive potentials. Clients regularly share that they feel empowered and affirmed in their choices after a session. I love the enlivening that occurs when people hear their own experiences or thoughts reflected back to them by a stranger, and how this creates a resonance of support from the unknown.

Readings are $80 for a reading, which usually lasts and hour to and hour and a half. Couples readings are $99, and take the same time.

I can read for you over the phone, via video chat, or in person in Portland, Oregon at either my home or a quiet public setting. Call or text me at +1 (619) 788-8313

I have begun making videos of readings for the general public, which you can check out on YouTube.

“My first Tarot reading with Jenna was exactly what I was looking for. She was on point with her sensitive intuition to guide me on the journey with the cards, which gave me a lot of insight to the questions I had. Jenna is…

Rebecca Nova Ballard

“Jenna’s reading was insightful and helped me lead to some conclusions I have been looking for. She was able to help me piece my plans together and put my mind at ease.”

Christopher Bonnichsen

Jenna has a way with the cards.  She has read my cards multiple times.  In those readings she has foreseen incoming relationships and the purpose they hold in my life, seen and directed things I needed to do to nurture current family and friend…

Talor Lee-Stiles

Sitting with Jenna for a Tarot reading was like meeting an old friend that knows me better than I know myself. She is a truly magical being with incredible intuitive powers. I left the reading with a lightness I hadn’t felt in so long and empowered…

Genevieve Mauro
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