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Say No to Say Yes!

We all juggle so much. Even though I didn’t catch all the flying bowling pins this week, I am sitting with a feeling of being deeply satiated with the words, “Good Enough”.

Lately, I have been thinking about the gift of saying No to make room to say Yes.

Sometimes the No is to a fun outing, sometimes it’s to a request from a friend for more time than I can offer, sometimes it’s to cleaning the dishes before┬á´╗┐bedtime.

When we say No, we make room to say Yes to tending to our garden, spending more time with our family, or prioritizing our own need for proper rest.

This summer, I want to include writing in my Yes list. I am doing that by diving into co-leading a Summer Weekly Writing Group Online with my friend and writing coach, Dawn Montefusco.

This means I am saying Yes to something that I really care about.