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Intuitive Tarot Reading Practice

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Oracle V. Tarot Decks

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Empath Support

XII: The Hanged Man

A Calling in The Cards

It was not my plan to become a professional tarot reader. “Fortune teller” is not a title that leads to accolades of respect from the community. Yet, when I am reading, society’s judgments slip aside as I center myself in the magic of this strange art form.

Metaphor as a Guide

Imagine chickens under a dove wing’s shadow and then a hawk wing’s shadow. How is their response different? How do humans respond similarly to symbols and how do they play on our instincts? Through years of reading tarot, I have learned that stories and… Continue Reading “Metaphor as a Guide”

Ethics of Reading Tarot

For both students of tarot and those who want to receive readings from me, I want to share a bit about the tenements I hold dear. I believe that any quality colleagues would as well. Confidentiality – Anyone you read for should be allowed… Continue Reading “Ethics of Reading Tarot”