My Ack!Knowledements

I have been thinking about validation lately.

People often reflect that my tarot readings are validating, and I enjoy being a stranger who can reflect back what your intuition is saying.

More poignantly though, I have been talking about acknowledgement with my therapist a lot.

Because I desire approval and I don’t like that appetite.

Can you relate?

We seek it from friends, lovers, family, and, to an unhealthy degree, random strangers on the internet.

Often these groups don’t reflect what we want. But we keep going back anyway.


Probably because it’s awkward to trust our own internal validation.

While it’s challenging to accept a compliment from anyone else, it’s super duper hard to lean into taking your own positive feedback.


Wellllllll, sometimes not so much. 
If I tell myself I am funny, I feel a physical response of utter certainty.
Even if I tell a joke that doesn’t land. That does not change my inherent nature.

Why do I believe this wholeheartedly?
My parents often told me I was funny growing up. When we’d have an emotional upheaval with tears, I could return us to joy with a joke. 

However, at one point, I lost my funny. It scared the hell out of me. I think it was a twisted way for the universe to reign in my ego. And it worked . . . temporarily.

So I am now humbly grateful for this gift in my life.
You hear that Universe??? I AM HUMBLE! Please be gentle.

So, why do I need validation in other areas?

Well, my parents and siblings are also highly dismissive and critica

My mom is German, a culture that even has a very specific facial expression to dismiss you and what you just said. And they use it often.

(Push out your lips and turn your head to the side . . . that’s it. You can now tell people they are foolish without verbiage).

Why this fascinating overshare?

Today, I want you to consider the following:

1. What ways do you trust your own inner acknowledgements?

2. Why are you confident in these areas?

3. Sit with gratitude for these gifts of being you.

Then reflect on:

1. What areas do you desire more validation?

2. How do you attempt to get it and from who? 

3. Does this effort give you the desired results?

4. How can you affirm this better from within yourself?

Finally, create a morning routine this week
where, while brushing your teeth, you praise yourself for the ways you trust you are awesome, and you praise yourself for the ways you desire to be told you are awesome.

If you crave some healthy life path validation, get a tarot reading that will help you move forward with more confidence in your choices.

If you prefer to get better at trusting yourself, sign up for intuition coaching today. 

You are FABulous,

Jenna Lynne Roberts

Present Path Tarot

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