The Fall of Retro

We all like it when things are flowing smoothly forward, of course.
But, think about how exhaustive that would be if it were constant, and without time to pause.

Let’s ponder the fall leaves as a symbol for a retrograde…
Fall is a time when the trees bring their energy inward.
As they do, they emit a stunning array of beautiful colors, perhaps a reflection of the awakening wisdom we find during these internal phases.
The leaf debris settles on the ground below, protecting the tree’s roots and the earthen creatures from the cold winter ice.
Then the leaves act as a compost, returning nutrients to the soil for the spring.

Nnnnggghh, I love a good metaphor. And this is a PSA to let your real leaves remain on the ground wherever appropriate.

Right now we have a slew of planets in retrograde, and I ask you to consider this  as a good thing. Currently the planets in retrograde are: Saturn until 10/10, Jupiter until 10/17, Mercury until 10/18, and Neptune until 12/1.

Retrogrades move us inward and that gives us valuable perspective on what we can do better. They slow us down, so we can realign with our best trajectory. They offer us messages we need for our best growth next season.

Tarot offers the bright colors of the fall leaves. The cards display brilliant insights on matters that you normally don’t have time to witness fully. Take some time this month to enjoy both the trees and some illuminating cards in a reading for the benefit of the post-retrograde season.

This is why I always offer a Mercury Retrograde 10% off deal. First, because I find it somehow funny. More so, because this is a prime time to sit with your shadowy truths and nurture the growth you need for when you hit the ground running again.

If you want to make the most of this time for reflection, please contact me for a tarot reading. Use the code RETRO2021 for 10% off this or an intuition coaching session.

I also offer you the opportunity to exit this Mercury Retrograde with a flair by joining my upcoming live online Art of Tarot Reading Course that happens just as it stations direct again.

If you want to join with a friend or two, use the code 2FORCLASS and mention each other in the questionnaire to each get 10% off each as a pair or group.

Also, this Sunday from 5pm – 7:30pm PST, join me and a group of other tarot experts on a free panel as we discuss All Things Tarot

I hope you gain worthwhile insights on your journey, and take in the glory of a walk in the fall array of colors.

Enjoy the Fall Leaves,
Jenna Lynne Roberts

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