Cleanse Your Deck and Yourself

Self Care is Sexy . . . Deck Care is a Part of Self Care for Readers
We often focus on the physical and mental in our self-care routines. A prime area that is often overlooked is our energetic field.

You are sovereign ruler over your aura or spiritual body, and giving it attention supports the physical and mental immensely.

If you read cards casually or professionally, caring for yourself as a channel includes clearing the tendrils that attach to your oracle and tarot decks.

This week, I offer a lesson in 10 ways to energetically cleanse yourself and your decks. It is always worth your time to consider both the effortless and in-depth ways to nurture yourself and your sacred items. And astrologically, now is a great time to dive into these practices.

Now is also a great time to dive into learning. This offering is a taste test for you to consider working with me as a teacher.

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Enjoy Sovereignty,
Jenna Lynne Roberts

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