Self-Care is Sexy

This week, I noticed that I was agitated.

I am dating a nice guy who gives good vibes in person. I found that my flirty texts weren’t resulting in the kind of banter I desired to ease the distance during my travels.

I hinted, but the response I wanted was not there. Even though he was engaging in other ways, this craving beckoned me.

More importantly, I could see myself getting resentful, which really was not fair to him. He’s not the psychic. That’s my job.

Finally, I nervously made the phone call.

I said, “I really enjoy how communicative you are in so many ways, but I feel like I am initiating most the text flirtations, and it’s feeling a bit lopsided.”

He replied that it’s good for him to hear that, and ended the call somewhat abruptly. I felt my anxiety kick in, but I also knew he needed to get his workday started.

That afternoon, he sent a nice text saying that he appreciated the ask, and that my direct communication in itself was sexy. Woo!

In the texts since, he’s given some stellar sweet nothings. These brighten my day.

I am proud of myself for being so bold, and today I want to know:

“What desire do you have to ask for a need that you’re shy about?”

A lot of us struggle to ask for what we want. And yet, it’s sometimes the only way to get it . . . or find out that other’s cannot provide it.

Were you raised with the idea that focusing on your needs is selfish? How can you break free of that untrue belief?

Consider how grateful you are when a loved one sweetly requests what they would like to receive. It’s so much easier than guessing.

We may even be honored to know that we are able to provide for someone. (Or, of course we can happily say ‘No’ if that’s outside our own desires).

This week, take a leap and ask for what you want.

Do your best to make your request in a way that is kind and accepting of whatever answer you receive. Remember that how you ask is key to hearing a joyous ‘Yes’.

I know it’s not easy, but it can be very worth it. Most importantly, it’s a great habit to practice.

Learn more about your inner needs and join me in a session of Intuition Coaching!

Honor Your Self,

Jenna Lynne Roberts

Present Path Tarot

PS. Enjoy this hilarious song that kept going through my head before I made my request.

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