How to rock Mercury Retro

I didn’t believe in Mercury Retrograde for years.
It took a man mocking me at Burning Man to change my mind.

I had arrived on the desert playa with a bruised rib cage from a kite boarding accident the week before wherein I had been “teabagged” when a powerful wind and my complete lack of skills collided. I was ripped into the air and dunked back into the water three times.

The man on the playa listened to my stories of woe and laughed that I was describing retrograde adjacent problems while saying I didn’t buy into it. 

I had signed up for too many things at the same time, and Mercury Retrograde will spank you for that.

I now see these 3 weeks that come around 3 times each year as a blessed downtime phase.

You can still do things.
You can still get stuff done.
But there is no need to rush, or push push push like the rest of the year.

This is the time to slow down enough to see where you need to organize your life.

This is not the time to blather mindlessly, haphazardly sign contracts or make casual big life choices.

Instead, rock your retrograde with real reflection.

Listen to others, and speak from your best wisdom.

Triple read the details on the page before you sign.

Park the productivity bulldozer on the side of the road and go for a walk in the woods. 

Slow down enough to contemplate on what life choices feel like a ‘yes’ to your gut.

Leave room in your days for things potentially going awry, and then enjoy more rest when they function well.

You’ll end up being more satisfied during a retrograde if you do, because you’ll act from a more centered place.

Best of all, I always offer 10% off my readings, intuition coaching sessions, and lessons during any Mercury Retrograde.

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If you have some big choices to make this month, get a tarot reading that will help you utilize the blessings of a mercury retrograde to your advantage.

Tune inward to make the most of this phase when you sign up for intuition coaching today.

Allow Ease,

Jenna Lynne Roberts

Present Path Tarot

PS. Ironically, I had tech issues while writing this. So, yeah, I get that it’s also a time to be patient with annoying problems.

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