How are you Psychic?

There are so many ways to know without knowing why or how you know.

Perhaps you have ESP or Telepathy.
Maybe you can touch an item and know it’s owner with Psychometry.
Some are able to speak to those in other realms as mediums.
Did your dream ever give you a precognition of something to come?

In my upcoming Clairvoyance Workshop at the Crystal Guide in Portland, we are going to go into details of all of these types of knowing and then practice exploring some of the fun ones together.

For today, consider your experiences with any of these 8 forms of Clair Wisdom:

Clairsentience: Physical Feeling
Clairvoyance: Seeing
Claircognizance: Knowing
Clairaudiene: Hearing
Clairempathy: Emotional Feeling
Clairgustance: Taste
Clairtangency: Touch
Clairsalience: Smell

This weekend, I suggest that you journal a memory of how one of these came through. How did you feel when it did? What did you learn from the experience?

November 18th is a powerful Full Moon evening, and being surrounded by crystals will give us the perfect environment to dive in deep to our natural 6th sense skills. Spots are limited, so get your spot today!

If you are seeking more one-on-one, sign up for a session of intuition coaching to support developing your own gifts more deeply.

If you prefer to have a companion join you in this adventure, sign up for a tarot tutoring session together.

Of course, another great way to tap into knowing which part of your thought streams is the best channel to tune into is to get yourself a solid  tarot reading.

However you feel called to reach out, I would love to hear from you.

Go Beyond the Mundane,
Jenna Lynne Roberts

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