Learn To Read Tarot + Free Readings

We have a lovely group forming for the upcoming Art of Tarot Reading Course, running Sundays and Wednesdays from 6pm – 7:30pm this month, staring with the New Moon. Last chance to receive this rich experience for a long spell.

Tarot is about more than divination, it’s a lens of archetypes to better see the world through. With it, you can gain objectivity to walk your best path forward in life. In my upcoming 9-hour Art of Tarot Reading Course, we will give you a clear way to read the messages clearly without picking up a book. We also will go over how to ground, clear, and replenish your energy so you can be a vibrant empathic spirit.

If you are more about getting the readings, grab your spot in my first Gallery Reading Event with Kate Mura. Each participant will get their own reading and observe the powerful messages shared with others.

As a collective reading, my YouTube this week is an overview of Love in April. It is full of the shadows from the challenges many of us are  currently facing.

Let’s face it, 2020 was rough for a lot of people when it came to dating and relationships. So, I have joined 25+ heart experts in the upcoming series, How to Heal a Broken Heart, premiering on April 19th. This free seminar will show you how to empower yourself to heal and live the life of your dreams. Sign up to Join us HERE, or scroll on to learn more!

Scroll on down to treat yourself to a free reading for the week. We go over how to shift into joy as we better consider the messages of our family lineage.

If you’re keen to get you own hour of clarity,  reach out to me for a tarot reading or intuitive coaching session.

Finally, join me this Friday at a free event with a panel of psychic experts at a Free MeWe Online Panel.

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Blessings on Your Heart’s Journey,
Jenna Lynne Roberts

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