Improve in tarot with Improv

Learning the Tarot can be daunting.

78 cards with layered meanings. Reversals for each of those. Archetypes. Then the cards intermingling in a spread to create a meaningful story. Where to begin?

As a teacher by trade, I have decoded the cards so you can smoothly tap into this life skill. In my upcoming 9-hour Art of Tarot Reading Course, we will go over all of these areas and many more. It’s a fun exploration into your own inner wisdom with solid tools to enhance your approach.

As Mitch shared after my last class:

“Jenna’s expertise and comfort with deeper meanings in the cards helps you build your own comfort with them. She guides you to exploring what insights you might take from them, and helps you recognize connections and stories in the interplay between individual cards. I highly recommend Jenna – she instantly makes you feel at ease and open.”

Get a taste of learning tarot with me as you improve your Tarot Skills with Improv in this week’s YouTube offering.

If you’re keen to get a fresh perspective on how to improvise through your next steps in life,  reach out to me for a tarot reading or intuitive coaching session.

Scroll on down to treat yourself to a free reading for the week, discussing how to use the past to motivate into action in the present.

Finally, join me this Friday at an event where a panel of psychic experts discuss the magic of Manifesting your Dreams at a Free MeWe Online Panel.

Magical Thoughts,
Jenna Roberts

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