Energetic Self-Care is Essential

Self-Care at all Levels is Self-Worth . . .

After reading for dozens of strangers at a Ren Fair, I felt drained in a strange way. Depleted, no matter what I ate or how much I slept. I got a massage, but that didn’t help. Then I received Reiki, and I felt 100% again. It was as though a heavy cloak had been removed.

Energetic self-care is honoring that we have fields of subtle vibrational experience that deserve attention. Our emotional, physical, and energetic bodies are intertwined. When we acknowledge the energetic body with a practice, we serve the emotional and physical as well. 

This week, I have remade one of my first YouTube subjects on Energetic Clearing techniques. Not because the first wasn’t good enough, but because this topic is too important to not repeat. It is also one of my most commonly shared videos with my clients, and one of the most valuable messages that I can share.

Whether you believe you are an empath or not, you deserve to gift yourself the 5 minutes each day that it takes to wash your energetic field and refresh into your own wavelength.  Self-care is Self-Worth, and your life expands when you regard your energetic body.

The heart also needs intent self-care, and a lot of us have suffered heartbreak this last year. I have joined 25+ heart experts in the upcoming series, How to Heal a Broken Heart, premiering on April 19th. This free seminar will show you how to empower yourself to heal and live the life of your dreams. Sign up to Join us HERE, or scroll on to learn more!

If you would like to get your cards read and witness the readings of two Empathic Tarot Readers, grab your spot in my Gallery Reading Event with Kate Mura. Each participant will get their own reading and observe the powerful messages shared with others, which may just resonate with you as well.

If you’re keen to get you own hour of clarity,  reach out to me for a tarot reading or intuitive coaching session.

Scroll on down if you’re craving the healing vibes of laughter. As Gary the Unigoat gives a 1-minute pet tarot reading at the end!

Take Care of Your Energetic Body,
Jenna Lynne Roberts

Take 7 minutes to watch this video and care for your Energetic Body
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Gary the Unigoat offers Pet Tarot Readings to Tully the Dog in 1 Minute
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