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Pears as Pentacles

Tarot Cards are reflections of real life. If you have a direct experience with any element, this can inform your readings. Learn a bit about my pear tree and how it taught me about the Pentacles suit.

A Reading for the new Normal

Enjoy this tarot reading to help each of us realign our focus toward our progress forward. Consider how you can begin to put yourself out there with confidence, consideration, and reflection.

Ask yourself:
How does my past inform my present in a helpful way?
Are my ego attachments holding me back from stepping forward in a new direction?
What can I plan to move toward at this point, even with the limitations of our current pandemic situation?

Mountain Symbology

The earthly background presented in each card is relevant to it’s overall message. As you learn to read the cards, it’s important to consider both the traditional symbolic meanings of the landscape

Tens in Tarot

Enjoy this overview of the meaning of 10 in the Tarot, with an explanation of each suit’s version of the ten.

Pentacles Quickie: Tarot Minor Arcana Insights

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Wands Quickie: Tarot Minor Arcana Insights

Lovers Card Quickie

Consider the Lovers Card from a place of personal evolution into your whole self through the experiences of other people, as well as other external relationships to career, family, hobbies, arts, and friends.