The Future is Formed by Stories of the Past

I just spent a few days with my parents, which is always a great reminder that I am nowhere near enlightened yet.

It was a nice visit though. And my Mom always impresses me with her deep well of positivity.

She considers herself incredibly lucky. I agree, and yet her story could be adapted into a harrowing drama. Here’s a few quick highlights:

Born in the end of WWII, her pregnant mother had to run for the border to give birth to her away from the bombs of Berlin.

Soon after, the border of East Berlin cut right through their back garden, and they were housed on the East side. As a child, my mom would playfully throw water on the Russian soldiers patrolling through her yard.

Her family had to leave their home and belongings behind to escape to the West, where they traded a lovely home for the basement of an apartment complex. Her father became abusive.

By 23 years old, she was a divorced single mother in the US where she was not yet fluent in the language.

Right after marrying my father, she was diagnosed with malignant melanoma skin cancer.

Two years later, right after my birth, she had early onset menopause. This was before hormones were medically understood at all. It took 14 years of emotional and physical turmoil before the medicine came through.

With all this and more, she vehemently states that she considers herself incredibly lucky.

She sees this through the lens of someone who got out of the East, met a wonderful 2nd husband, survived cancer, found an outstanding OBGYN who listened to her, and was able to live a fulfilling life with economic security.

 I agree. She is lucky. (She also has me for a daughter, which clearly adds to her blessings. Ha.)

I have personally been struggling lately with my own recent stories. As a Cancerian, it’s easy to slip from healthy self-compassion into self-pity.

Today, I want to offer us all an exercise in reframing our stories.

Consider some aspect of your life that you feel negative about. Perhaps you feel that you failed or someone else failed you.

Consider the gains you can dig out from how this story defined you as a stronger person. How can you see yourself as the hero who overcame challenge?

Align with the lessons and positive impressions this had on your current person.

Recognize the ways this twisted some turns in your path that brought unexpected blessings.

It’s not all about being positive. You can honor the pain that you have been through, and still respect who it has made you into.

Today, sync up with your best self, past and present. Take a leap towards betterment and schedule a tarot reading, lesson, or intuition coaching session with me.

Have a lovely weekend of creating new stories, hopefully with ease and joy.

Find your Best Story,
Jenna Lynne Roberts

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