Look from a New Angle

Snow has blanketed my home town of Portland, Oregon. Plans were cancelled. Readings moved online.
Moments like these insist on a fresh perspective. Everything looks so different outside that the mood inside the house shifts along with it.
Tarot also asks us to gain insight from a new lens. Our problems transition into epiphanies for our evolution.
It’s like the changing the lighting in a room. Nothing physically moves, but the elements look completely different.
Today, I want to offer some ways that even basic archetypes can do this.

Consider a challenge you have that seems stuck.

Ask if you are looking at it more from a big picture, or a small picture.
What happens if you shift to the opposite?

Widen your lens to consider it in the grand scheme of things.
Macro your lens to consider the details about it that are manageable.

Notice if your pressure around this matter feels more >external< or <internal>
Do you presume others are judging you around it?
Or, is a part of you feeling something is not aligned with your values?

Recognize the source of the stress, and consider if there are people you can express your concerns to that might quell this overwhelm, or if meditation would help you center in clarity.

Finally, how might you be looking at this from black and white thinking?
Is there a nuanced gray area to consider?
What is the risk of approaching this from a softer place inside?

There are 78 archetypes of far more subtlety in the deck though. Get even more new ways of seeing when you schedule a tarot reading, lesson, or intuition coaching session with me.

Scroll on for a short meditation to listen to your own inner knowing.
Have a great weekend.

Refresh Yourself,
Jenna Lynne Roberts

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