The Value of travel: Global and Internal

Tomorrow, I embark on an adventure to Ecuador!

It’s been a while since I have been on a trip like this.

In my 20’s, I worked and traveled abroad for many years in Asia.

After I landed in Portland in 2008, I shifted into a Pentacles Era of nurturing resources like my home, business, relationships, and community.

Now, I find myself wondering what makes big journeys so very essential.

While most of us love travel, I ask us, “Why is travel important?”

Being that this is the first email I am sending out since journeying over to my new email service, I can say that I am giddy about the fresh look of my newsletter.

While I aimed for a level of consistency in the style, it feels brighter and more exciting. 

Travel gives us a chance to push outside our comfort zones, and taste flavors we are unfamiliar with.

We get to see who we are in ambiguous circumstance, and consider how we approach life from a different culture.

A Tarot Reading is a form of travel, right from the comfort of your home.

Divination encourages you consider your life with new eyes.

It asks you to break out of your old cycles and attempt bold moves forward toward your best life.

A solid tarot reading links you to a realm of magic. While this is with us all the time, sometimes we need a journey to remember it’s there. 

While I won’t be available for the next 2 weeks, you can sign up now for an exploration into the mystic with me after I return at the end of the month.

If this trip is like my others, I will likely be in an extra vibrant space to share the messages of the cards.

Where will you journey to next? 

Either Globally or Internally . . . take yourself on a jaunt into the unknown this month. 

Bon Voyage,

Jenna Lynne Roberts

Present Path Tarot

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