Life is Overwhelming: Let’s Simplify

Vulnerable share . . . I feel pulled all sorts of different directions, and lately I have struggled to get anything really solidly satisfying done.

I manage a business, a home, relationships, and my health on multiple fronts.
I am wrangling connections with new people on dating apps.
I am showing up for friends in times of trouble.
I am cooking to eat right, and exercising as often as I can squeeze it in.
I am I am I am . . .
I am guessing that you can relate.

As a Tarot Reader, I know that it all comes down to balance.
From a Tarot perspective, we need to engage with each of the four elements everyday.

Earth is about our income and resources, including relationships.
Water is about the heart and emotions and our spiritual connection.
Air is about our mental intellect and communication.
Fire is about our desire, movement, and the way we move our energy.

Consider which of these fields needs more inclusion in how you move through your day.
Keep in mind that you don’t need to do ALL the things that this element relates to. Simplify down to just one essential that feels nourishing.

Ask yourself:
Earth: How can I ground each day into my body?
Something as simple as feeling the weight of your body in a chair as you eat your breakfast can support this.

Water: When can I make time to feel my feelings?
Take a quiet moment when you are driving to turn off the radio and feel your heart as you speak words of gratitude for the blessings in your life and all the myriad of feelings you feel.

Air: Does my mind need more or less learning today?
If your brain needs stimulated, add a podcast or a show that asks you to expand your knowledge. If you are overdrawn, numb out with some familiar and fun entertainment.

Fire: What could spark my joy today?
Listen to your body and ask what feels like a delight you can make room for. Allow desire to speak, and narrow down to a way to give it a treat today.

Do you want to clarify the other complications of your busy life?
Consider the opportunity to schedule a tarot reading, lesson, or intuition coaching session with me. Most clients claim to feel better after a reading and more at ease on the fields they came in feeling low about.

Watch my video below about how Balance is presented in the cards. Then have a great weekend!

You Got This,
Jenna Lynne Roberts

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