Turning the Tower Card Into the Magician

The last week has been a hard time for me.

Google Maps disabled my business account for an unknown reason, and have been non-responsive to my requests.

This has brought up my personal anxieties around bureaucracy and irrelevance.
I feel like a pebble in a vast ocean.

This is a Tower Card moment for me, where the foundations I relied upon are showing their fractures.

I have bounced around feelings of helplessness and faith and frustration and hope.

In these shock waves, I am proud of myself for trying to use this trial as an impetus to push forward in new directions and restructure my business to gain from the wisdom of this moment.

From the perspective of the Magician Card, I have begun to focus on how I can expand beyond reliance on local readings, which make up a large portion of my income.

I have just paid for a top end coaching course that will help me fulfill  a goal I have had for years: moving my Live Online Course that I teach twice each year into an ongoing offering made up of video lessons.

I am not sure what this will look like yet, but I do believe it will mean that this upcoming October course is the last Live Session I intend to do for a while, especially at this exceptional rate.

The Art of Tarot Reading Course runs from October 10th – 27th
Mondays and Thursdays from 6pm – 7:30pm PST

We go in depth in Lessons that Teach You:

– To Grasp the Essentials of every Card
– To Layer Archetypes together to Create New Meanings
– To Access your own Psychic Gifts
– To Energetically Protect yourself through Magick Rituals
– And much more . . .

I have had students from Beginners to Advanced Readers Love this course, and you will too if you join us!

Early Bird Rate of only $133 for 9 hours of class runs now through Labor Day, Sept. 5th. Only a little over one week left to catch this deal!

Sign up together with a friend with the special 10% rate, using the code 2FORCLASS. Mention each other’s names when you fill out the questionnaire.

If you miss any classes, no stress! Each one is recorded and you have access to all videos for 3 months after!

Want more refined lessons to your specific needs? Tarot Tutoring is for you. Include a friend for the same rate and learn together!

Want to get the clarity without knowing the cards yourself? Reach out today to set up a Tarot Reading  in-person on online this month.

Finally, you can tap into your highest inner knowing with Intuition Coaching.

Hope to see you soon with one of these great opportunities.

Relish Change,
Jenna Lynne Roberts

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