Deck-adent Tarot

Learning the cards more fully means getting fresh eyes on artistic interpretations of the traditional tarot.

This week, I share with you a view into my favorite new deck, The Tarot of Mystical Moments by Catrin Welz-Stein. Her art first grabbed me when I found her Oracle deck at the NW Tarot Symposium years ago. While those images were luscious art, I didn’t resonate with the card meanings. So, when I found that she had created a full Tarot deck, I leapt to purchase it.

It more than satisfies for myself as a reader. However, it’s also not an easy starter deck. The strikingly beautiful images don’t wholly express the meanings of each card. Many are very simple in their symbolism.

That is why it adds so much to your life as a lover of meaningful art to really learn the 78 cards of the traditional Tarot. Once you grasp the essence of each card, which I teach you how to do in my upcoming online live course, you can read with any deck that you feel drawn to.

In the meantime, consider looking for a learning deck that has detailed and rich symbolism on all the cards, especially the minor arcana. You can still find ones that resonate with you, but make sure they also tell you a story that helps you align with the intention of the life experience it is related to.

Last Chance to get the sweetest deal before the rate will go up to $169 next Monday afternoon!

As mentioned previously, I intend to transform this course into an online evergreen video lecture series. I already spent the money to take a course in this skill, so I am full steam ahead.

This might very well be the last chance to get this class live in-person!

Early Bird Rate of only $133 for 9 hours + of class runs now through Labor Day, Sept. 5th. Only a few days left!

The Art of Tarot Reading Course runs from October 10th – 27th
Mondays and Thursdays from 6pm – 7:30pm PST

We go in depth in Lessons that Teach You:

– To Grasp the Essentials of every Card
– To Layer Archetypes together to Create New Meanings
– To Access your own Psychic Gifts
– To Energetically Protect yourself through Magick Rituals
– And much more . . .

It’s time you treated yourself to really learning the cards so you can see your life brighten through the lens of tarot. Let symbolism speak to you wherever you go with this new comprehension.

Sign up together with a friend with the special 10% rate, using the code 2FORCLASS. Mention each other’s names when you fill out the questionnaire.

If you miss any classes, no stress! Each one is recorded and you have access to all videos for 3 months after!

Maybe you need to get more specific direction in the cards?
Tarot Tutoring is for you.
Include a friend for the same rate and learn together!

Want  a psychic point of view on what’s going on for you right now? Reach out today to set up a Tarot Reading  in-person and online.

Fine-tune your own inner knowing with one-on-one Intuition Coaching this month.

I look forward to diving in together in October.

Tarot Art is Awesome,
Jenna Lynne Roberts

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