My Tech Glitch is Your Sweet Deal

When I was a kid, I would open up the giant Yellow Pages of phone numbers to the word ‘Psychic’ to find a tarot reading. My fingers would get smudged with ink that would transfer to the phone buttons as I dialed the numbers to inquire on each clairvoyant’s offerings. Businesses with names at the top of the alphabet often came first.

Entrepreneurs today rely on Google Maps to get fresh eyes on their business. A seeker types in ‘Tarot’, and gets a list of the nearby readers. We typically aim for the ones with the highest reviews or best location for our needs. I have worked diligently to be a top choice in my area.

This week, I went to send a message to a client only to find that Google mysteriously disabled my business account  . . . during peak summer tourist season. This is a momentary Tower Card, but hopefully will get resolved and is already teaching me not to put so many eggs in that basket.

Most of all, it reminded me that YOU are my community who I feel the most connected to. Your presence here is an inspiration and motivation to my sense of what I am creating in my little corner of the world. Thank you for that. 

I want to hear from you. I would love to learn:

What would you love to learn more about in my emails?

Is there a particular offering that you get the most giddy to gain from?

I figured you can also benefit from what the Tarot has to say about how to manage any of your own bumps in the road right now. Below is a reading for you that is specific to how to handle the frustrating challenges this week poses to each of us. As an extra treat, I used my rare Elf of Heaven deck, purchased in Taiwan over a decade ago, to add some fun to the reading.

While waiting for Google to call me to sort out what happened, I am offering a unique discount of 20% off all readings and tutor sessions for this week only!

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Take care and keep your eggs in lots of baskets!

Roll with the Nuances,
Jenna Lynne Roberts

This Week’s Free Reading

3 of Cups Reversed: A social malfunction or personal conflict within your community is something to look at in regards to this week’s bump in the road.

When the 3 of Cups reversed comes up, it seems a good time to pull away from socializing and get some perspective on how different people make you feel, or how you make them feel.
Also consider whether the way you are partying is truly satisfying and healthy right now.

High Priestess and the Star Card: Woah. Powerful Combo. Quiet your mind and listen to your intuition to hear the great and impactful message coming soon. It may be shrouded in a bit of mystery in the meantime.

I know it might not seem like it now, but you can manifest a great result from this minor upset. Tune into what you desire in regards to how you interact with your community, and how you want to form healthier connections. Know that the benefits outweigh the costs if you imagine your best future circumstances.

Two of Wands: New insights will lend to fresh energy in a better direction

Not far from now, you will refocus on a different way of spending your energy. It’s good to slow your roll and make decisions from an inner certainty of what steps will lead you to your highest manifestations. Listen to your gut in your decisions. Consider who you want to hang out with and how you want to socialize.

A lot of messages here state that you have the power to enact greatness from challenge if you listen to your inner self and Trust the messages you Hear.

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