Summer is Social Tarot Time

Cards of 78 archetypes are not meant to be learned alone. 

Sure, you can crack open book after book and absorb the wisdom of experts.
But that’s winter work.

The archetypes are meant to be understood through the collective lens. One of my favorite ways of learning is by joining up with friends and talking about how we perceive the cards.

This week, I share with a fun game to play to enhance how you value each card. This is just one way to exchange ideas with a friend.

Other ideas for social tarot time:

– Each of you pulls a card and imagines them as a personality, then hold a conversation, with each of you playing your card’s role

– Each of you chooses a card that intimidates you, and the other person tries to open your perspective to ways that this card can be a supportive message to help in hard times

– Place ten cards in a line up and tell a story together as though it’s a graphic novel, taking turns with each new ‘panel’

– In a larger group, pull one card and each person says one word that captures it’s essence, then talk about how these fit into a bigger picture of issues that happen in life (When would this card most likely come up for someone?)

This summer, you and a friend can also treat yourselves to some Tarot Reading Lessons with me for the same price as one person. Learn to dive into your own inner wisdom together. We can meet online so you can connect with friends from afar as well. More are welcome for only a small rate increase as well!

If you are in a time of transition and need some light shed on your best choices, come get a Tarot Reading with me sometime.

Or, learn to better hear your inner voice without the cards with some Intuition Coaching.

Go play with the archetypes this month!

Tarot is Fun,
Jenna Lynne Roberts

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