You are More than your Sun

With my Sun in Cancer, I used to get jealous of the Leo personality descriptions.

Turning the pages from this ‘nurturing homebody who likes yard sales’ to the ‘vivacious life of the party’ made me feel like I was missing out.

And then I found out that I am a whole lot of Leo in my Moon, Mercury, and Saturn.

It makes sense to me that my Leo self wanted to be a Leo. But I also found more pride in my Cancerian heart as I owned my inner lioness.

This shift in perspective also taught me to honor that we are so much more than our Sun signs.

If you don’t know your whole chart, check out and put in your birth hour and location to learn the bigger picture.

This weekend, we transition from Cancer to Leo, and are about to step into the full warmth of summer. I drew some cards to help you align with how to best manage this next week.

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Jenna Lynne Roberts

A Reading for the Transition from Cancer Sun into Leo Sun

Earth splats right in the middle of our transition from water to fire with a message to slow down like a solid Queen of Pentacles.

The 4 of Swords seems to be saying that we have not been resting enough during this past month of Sun in Cancer.

How can you take a break from doing too much and thinking too much and take some time to relish the soft earth of grounding into pleasure this week?

Doing so will bring balance into your Leo month ahead.
The Temperance card is about integrating the lessons you’ve been learning lately into a more functional habits.

Temperance also asks us
how can we each find the sweet spot
between  internal self-care and external world engagement,
between doing enough and resting enough,
between allowing our watery emotions with our fiery zest?

I hope this helps you make good choices and enjoy your life more fully.

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Deck: Animal Totem Tarot

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