Art Fills My Cup

A week of laying in bed with Covid reminded me how valuable self-care is, even when we are healthy.

The free reading this week below offers some powerful major arcana insights into how to heal your Page of Cups heart.

It’s a lot to manage the pentacles of this life, and I had an epiphany during isolation about how essential creative experience is to me.

Flairs of feelings deserve my attention.
Art films enrich my TV time.
Nature enhances my exercise routines.
Self-expression balances my spirit.

I personally need to prioritize my Cups more to find a work-life balance.
Even knowing this, I still struggle to include these blessings within the hustle.

So I pulled some cards for us to consider how we can all self-care right now. Scroll down for a spread for you from my lovely new deck, Tarot of Mystical Moments, which I will share further in a review video this next month!

I am about to head off into a week of a creation vacation with my costume troupe at the Oregon Country Fair. It sure takes a lot of mundane tasking to go be artistic.  But I am giddy to get back into public interactive theater!

I would love to see you for a Tarot Reading after I return around July 12th. I am offering both in-person and online now that I am healthy again.

This summer, you and a friend can treat yourselves to some Tarot Reading Lessons for the same price as one person. Learn to dive into your own inner wisdom together.

Or, learn to better hear your inner voice without the cards with some Intuition Coaching.

Whatever you do, be kind to yourself.

Breath is Life,
Jenna Lynne Roberts

Self Care begins with the Page of Cups

This week, treat your heart like a child you adore.
Nurture yourself with kind thoughts and positive persuasions.
Ask what you want to create to express how you are feeling,
and then get out the tools to support your artistic spirit.

The Page is held by 3 Major Arcana, which means this is
a prime moment in your heart’s hero’s journey.

The Moon reminds us to allow our full selves,
and to deeply witness our shadows as a part of us.
You are allowed to have feelings that don’t feel good,
thoughts that disturb,
and desires that are not socially accepted.
Look at these parts and honor them as a part of who you are.
You don’t need to follow any of them beyond acknowledgement,
but don’t allow shame to squash your full-embodied experience.

The Hierophant regulates the chaos of the Moon and Devil Cards

Structure and routine will serve you right now.
Tap into the systems that already exist in the world
that offer progress, sustenance, and support to you.
Find the groups that are doing what you want to be a part of.
Make a schedule that feels manageable for you today.

The Devil reminds us to find some Healthy Selfish.
A little hedonism might be a way to feel empowered right now.
Tap into your temporal passions for a fun weekend.
Let go and play with your free will.
“Do What thou Wilt”

That said, the Devil also reminds us
to not let our egos distract us
from our all knowing higher self.
Attend to discernment to know with certainty
what is wise and what is momentary self-expression.

Overall, this reading is about prioritizing honesty and truth.

Let the dark and shady parts come into the light.
Express them through an artistic outlet and some healthy hedonism.
Balance the intensity with some structures that can support you.

Celebrate being fully YOU,
with all the shadows, ego, and funky feelings.

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