Ace of Strawberries

What do you feel ready to create?
Today, Mercury stations direct and we get to step back into a forward flow toward our best pursuits.

Yesterday, I walked through my backyard and saw the perfect Ace of Pentacles staring up at me from my strawberry bush. A flower making a star inside the circle of soft white petals.

This attractive little flower will likely get pollinated by a bee who can’t help but land it’s fuzzy legs on it’s bright yellow center.

At first, it will appear to die as it’s petals fall away, and then it’s middle  will slowly turn into an awkward burgeoning berry.

Green and white and lumpy in it’s puberty, it may not appear like it has much value.

But soon enough, it’s crisp outer edge will get shiny red and form a perfect tear-drop shape that mammals will crave.

I might even get to eat it and relish it’s taste, if those pesky squirrels don’t get to it first.

This is the nature of the Ace of Pentacles. It’s a potential for future fruit. It’s something that will take time to grow, along with the 4 elements of sun, water, air and good soil.

It starts beautiful and ends beautiful, but it will likely go through some phases of not being so pretty in the middle. Don’t judge during this phase. Just keep watering your goal. 

What do you want to plant this month and put your nurturing support toward?

If you’re not sure which direction to go, find out with some professional guidance from me when you get a professional Tarot Reading online or in person.

You also can start rooting deeper into the cards yourself with Tarot Reading Lessons online.

Perhaps your Ace is in the art of learning to better listen to your inner voice with some Intuition Coaching.

Whatever you choose, step into developing something you are ready to create this month!

Jenna Lynne Roberts

You can also watch this video of the path from flower to berry.

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