Tarot People are Your People

Last weekend, I joined a group of fellow tarot readers at the coast.
We shared readings and stories and food and laughter.

I didn’t know any of them when I signed up to spend 3 days together, but I knew we would be kindred spirits.

I did not always have such certainty in my love of divination community. 

For years, I was nervous to go to tarot conferences for what I might learn.

What if I am embarrassed that people who share my passion are all weirdos?

What if they are too woo for me?

What if I realize that I am an imposter as a reader among pro psychics?

None of this came true.

Instead, what I found was a home.

Tarot Community turns out to be rampant with intellects and open hearts.

Our people read more than cards, they read books.
They love to learn about history, psychology, alchemy, mythology, and symbolism.

Rather than competition and judgement, I found immense collaboration.

Readers love to share their impressions of cards, and listen to even the newest readers on what insights they are tapping into.

Divination inspires compassion.

Through the cards, we learn that everyone is on their own journey of struggles and joys.

Many of us love the esoteric.

I found a lot of movie geeks, who share in my first love of cinema. So I suppose they were ‘weird’ in all the best ways.

I want to help unite this network and bring us together to make new friends and share our wisdom.

You have a chance on May 25th, THIS Wednesday, to meet your own divination community at the online World Tarot Day Event. And it’s Free!

More details below, sign up today to join us!

If you prefer to learn the cards one-on-one or with a friend, Tarot Reading Lessons are available online.

To tune into the great magnet of inner certainty, sign up for Intuition Coaching to gain more skills that help you tap into the all-knowing self.

And, of course you can contact me for a professional Tarot Reading online or in person. 

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I hope to see you next week at the World Tarot Day event!

Unite in Divination,
Jenna Lynne Roberts

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