Engage Your Mind’s Capabilities with Tarot

Learning Tarot is a unique entrance into another way of experiencing our brain’s full capacity.

In exploring the cards, we can see our life path through the lens of metaphor and symbolism. This opens the pathways in our right brain to our intuition and psychic gifts.

As we enrich our fullness of knowing through this divination tool, we become more aware of another kind of intelligence that goes beyond pure logic.

It is one of compassion that wants us to evolve and grow, and loves us through the challenges.

Lessons become more clear and decisions become easier.

Simultaneously, we are using our left brain to read the symbols in a linear story, and analyzing the numbers and elements with our prior knowledge that we learned in school and movies and books.

You already have a vast amount of wisdom to serve your readings, and my class offers you a key to connect what you already know to what you desire to learn.

Tarot cards are both very complex, and incredibly simple.

This course offers a system so you can simplify the stories in the suits, see more clearly the interrelationships between the cards, and lean into trusting yourself more deeply.

Get to know your fully engaged mind when you join The Art of Reading Tarot Course. Sign up: https://Presentpathtarot.as.me/toolsclass

If you want to read the cards without a book, this is your chance to put focus into a real solution and make your desire come to fruition. 

I hope you can join us and open yourself to a community who also is craving an attunement with their own magical wisdom.

Bring a friend on your journey, so you can both get the class for an extra 10% Off with the code 2FORCLASS 
Just mention each other’s names in the sign up form and register within 3 days of each other.

To study another time with me in a personal lesson, Tarot Reading Lessons are available online. They are the same rate for 2 students, so bring a friend. 

To have a professional channel the clarity you crave, call me for a Tarot Reading online or in person. 

Open Your Mind to the Mystery,
Jenna Lynne Roberts

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