Aries Manifestation Skills

Once, a new travel friend and I were walking at 3am on a pilgrimage hike to a Buddhist holy site that you aim to reach at sunrise.

Rotem asked, “What signs are your parents?
I replied, “My Mom is an Aries.
Ah,“, she said in her sultry Israeli accent, “So, you know what it means to move mountains, eh?

Yes, yes I do. My mom is a Berlin-born Aries, and she’s a powerhouse of ‘make it happen‘ energy.

Growing up around that sheer force of will showed me how we can create our best lives and overcome great challenge from our own inner drive.

My mom was sick throughout my childhood with a brutal hormonal imbalance.

Her mantra was, ‘It is always darkest before the dawn’.

She regularly told me how she knew she would get better, and medicine would get better, and the ‘dawn’ of this era of illness would be amazing.

It took 14 years.

Along with those moments of fortitude were repeated cycles of collapses and depressions and new solutions and persistent trying and renewals and improvements and failings.

All along, she said, “I’ll get better, because I am a lucky person.”

And she did get healthy. New studies came out. New medicines. Relief for all of us.

She’s been living in her dawn ever since, and is grateful for her good luck.

The New Moon in Aries is a reminder to tap into that kind of manifestation energy.

Here is a ritual for you to enact with the inspiration of my mom’s story.

Sit quietly and breathe for long enough to feel into your upper abdomen.
Imagine a yellow light growing from this center, encompassing your whole energetic body that emits a few feet around you in a sphere.

Ask your core center:
What do I want?

Listen within.
Envision yourself having this.
How will you feel?
Call that feeling into yourself from memories and imagination.
Hold this YES in yourself as you breath into this future you are about to enact.
Describe all the details you are creating in this vision.
Smile at this joy you are welcoming.

Now, ask yourself:
What is my very first step that I can enact this week?

Sit with the options.
Narrow it down to smaller and smaller steps.
Find the very first step.
See yourself doing this step this week.

If any thoughts of failure come up, bring in compassion.
That may have happened before, but this time is the right time.
You are ready.
You forgive your old self.
Hold yourself in acceptance and enthusiasm.
Now is the time.

Pull that yellow light back into your Manipura chakra in your upper abdomen.
Hold it there, knowing that you will act from your center of power.

Open your eyes.
Write this step down in your to-do list or calendar.
Set up a time to do it.
Perhaps contact an accountability buddy to check in on you around it next week.

Or, skip the notes, and go do this first small step  immediately.

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Fire Yourself UP,
Jenna Lynne Roberts

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