Tarot Noir: A Free Reading & Flip Through

I love old movies  and books as much as I love Tarot.
(I guess I am a true Cancerian).

So I was giddy when I found this new deck (already sold out!) by Todd Alcott that merges the Smith-Rider-Waite deck and graphic art reminiscent of classic cinema posters, Mad Men era advertising, and, of course, pulp novel covers.

Scroll on for my free reading performed with this new deck.

Then see all the cards for yourself in my newest YouTube Flip Through and Review.

If you want to learn to read the cards yourself, or with a friend, Tarot Reading Lessons are available online.

To get the information you need to hear channeled by a friendly professional, call me for a Tarot Reading online or in person. 

‘Come up n see me sometime’,
Jenna Lynne Roberts

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