Who is the Fool in the Tower?

Surprise . . . You are. And so am I. 
Each of us is, really.

While this question may sound like a political joke,
in the Tarot it is a reference to the individual’s moment of great challenge in our most essential life lessons. 

The Fool is the person who is on their life’s journey, taking leaps of faith toward their purpose. Think Harry Potter, Katniss Everdeen, or any Superhero at the beginning of the story.

And that includes you on your own hero’s journey.

The Tower is the challenge in life that will keep coming around again and again until your inner Fool defeats it.

This can be breaking a habit that cycles your life into chaos regularly.

This can be neglect of a responsibility that catches up with you.

This can be over-confidence or low self esteem.

It just depends on what your battle is about.

When we witness the Superhero vanquishing the ultimate enemy, that is the Fool in the Tower moment.

Sure, it’s less dramatic to simply become competent at something you have fumbled with for too long. But it’s worth it for the achievement.

The inspiration for this topic is from this week’s Instagram Live, which I have posted below. Start at the beginning for free readings. Go to minute 30 for lessons on the Tower Card and then the Fool Card.

This lesson is a small taste of the kinds of subjects we deep dive into in my April The Art of Reading Tarot Course. 

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If you have struggled with confidence in reading the cards, this is your chance to overcome this limitation and be your own hero.

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Thanks for reading. I hope to see you soon for a Tarot Reading online or in person. 

Enjoy Being a Fool,
Jenna Lynne Roberts

Go to minute 30 to learn more about the Tower Card then the Fool Card.
Enjoy from the beginning for free readings
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