An Astro Journal Exercise

Venus Retrograde is OVER!
If the last few weeks have included relationship challenges, it’s time to take a breath of relief.

Then take note of the lessons that may have come through your life since December 19th.

Even if we are through the bumps of a retrograde period that only comes once every 18 months, it doesn’t mean we are free of the challenges it highlighted. Treat yourself to some journal time to ask yourself:
‘What clarity have I gained the last month around how I interact in healthy and unhealthy ways with loved ones?’

Now that we are in Aquarius season, you might have an itch to go inward and learn the esoteric arts. If so, please sign up for an Intuition Coaching or Tarot Reading Lesson with me online.

All services, including Tarot Readings, are 10% off through the end of this round of Mercury Retrograde season on February 3rd. Use the code RETRO22

For a free treat, scroll down to find a link to a YouTube video I made that shows off the new Mystical Medleys Tarot deck. It’s a choice theme for any readers who love vintage cartoons.

Finally, I am planning a new Tarot Reading Class for April! The dates will be decided soon. If you are keen to join, please let me know what days and times work best for you. It will run 2 sessions each week over 3 weeks, and I usually aim for evenings so more people can join.
Please email me your best times to join April Tarot Reading Class and I will prioritize as best I can.
Sink into Your Sense of Play,
Jenna Lynne Roberts

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