A Tarot Activity for Winter Focus

When it’s cold and gray outside, how can we see it as a signal to find our own light within?

It’s easy to let winter be a droll time, and this year is extra hard with covid risks keeping us at more of a distance from seasonal house gatherings.

This is that essential moment to remember what we may romanticize about winter in the middle of a busy summer.

Sit for a moment and ponder what aspects of winter life you desire in the heat of summer.
Pull a 3-card tarot spread and consider which self-care techniques each card aligns with for you.
Here are some suggestions for nurturing activities related to each tarot suit.

Watery Cups: Fulfill your introvert by making time to draw, journal from the heart, and make arts and crafts. Feel the full spectrum of your emotional range and edge into uncomfortable places with an artsy foreign film.

Airy Swords: Get quiet focus as you pull out a puzzle, read a book, or learn a new skill. Crack open that workbook on internal growth that will make communications feel better in your relationships. If you crave to develop your own psychic skills, sign up for an online Intuition Coaching or Tarot Reading Lesson

Earthy Pentacles:  Enjoy the slowing down enough to ground inward. Cook some nurturing food. Clean out a closet. Repot some plants. Organize that stuff you are tired of staring at. Reward yourself after with a mellow nature trip.

Firey Wands: Get outdoors for some socially-distanced physical activities. Stay inside and join a local ecstatic dance zoom session. Move your body. Call your friends. You can even start preparing for your performance piece you can debut when it’s hot out.

Major Arcana: Know that you are in a prime moment in your life’s trajectory. Get self-care that fits best with the archetype you pulled, and include a compassionate yet objective perspective on your current path by reaching out to me for an in-person reading.

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As mentioned previously, I am planning a new Tarot Reading Class for April! If you are keen to join, please let me know what days and times work best for you. It will run 2 sessions each week over 3 weeks, and I usually aim for evenings so more people can join.
Please email me your best times to join April Tarot Reading Class and I will prioritize as best I can.

Blessings on your internal growth journey this month.

Take Care of You,
Jenna Lynne Roberts

Image courtesy of Aaron Burden on Unsplash

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