Free Retrogrades Reading and a New Upcoming Tarot Class

Welcome to Mercury Retrograde, 2022!
Right in the middle of a Venus Retrograde that only comes every 18 months.

I offer a reading below that offers insights on how to manage this phase we are in, and I am pleasantly surprised to share that the cards are very positive toward brighter days ahead.

A primary message this month is to add some frivolous and playful expressions into your days and seek out community to create with and connect with. That sounds like a good time to me.

When you’re seeking connection with others to better align with your own individual path, I am at your service and . . .
. . . I am planning a new Tarot Reading Class for April! If you are keen to join, please let me know what days and times work best for you. It will run 2 sessions each week over 3 weeks, and I usually aim for evenings so more people can join. But please email me your best times to join April Tarot Reading Class and I will prioritize as best I can.

When you want to get a reading for yourself or a friend, I have a new office location in Portland in a lovely Southeast studio. I also offer online Intuition Coaching, Tarot Reading Lessons, and Divination Readings to look into where you’re at and where you’re going in this winter’s phase.

I hope you have a wonderful rest of the month. Have fun exploring some fun avenues!

Scroll on for your free reading!

Embrace Your Retrograde Fabulousness,
Jenna Lynne Roberts

Free Reading for the Retrogrades

The top cards are focused on Mercury
The bottom line is focused on Venus
And then they are looked at in combination

This Mercury Retrograde (Jan 14 – Feb 3) is about shifting old patterns of thought.
But not through thinking about it – Oh Noooo . . .
Instead, start doing something fun and frisky
I know, I know . . . you’re not supposed to begin new things during M.R.
BUT . . . this is not starting something important. It’s fluffy and in the moment.
It is a fresh and fun and uplifting and silly and energizing activity!
Call in your community to notice you stepping out into this NEW expression.
Welcome the accolades and Huzzahs!
Find an accountability-buddy to share your wins with.
THEN, notice how your brain is shifting as this activity teaches you a new perspective.
You can action your way out of the limiting beliefs and shift into a new view.

This Venus Retrograde (Dec 19 – Jan 29) has likely been rough thus far.
You may have had to leave some unhealthy relations as old issues resurfaced.
But, the 2nd half looks like an Uplift is on the way.
New blessings are coming from this transformative shift we faced.
Be open to reconciliations with those you’ve struggled with recently.
Community support and New connections are imminent.
Let your heart be open and curious to fresh possibilities.
Be proud of the relational work you accomplished
during the challenges of the first half of this retrograde.
Get ready for the heart-full blessings to come.

The Spread Combined
The Mind is topsy turvy right now, and inward mulling is not the path.
Instead, reach out to do activities with your community.
Make some art, move your body,
connect as best you can in this odd Covid era.
Inspire each other to have fun and check in with those who need support.
Ask for the attention you need in the ways that fill you up.
Be open to welcome compliments and adoration coming toward you.
Receive and embrace the love you feel for those you surround yourself with.
Get out of your head
and into your Body, your Creativity, your Community and your Heart.

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