Your Mind is Psychic

Have you ever known something without knowing how you knew it?

When was the last time you felt an urge to call someone and they were in need of your presence?

We can choose to mystify these magical edges of life, or we can acknowledge our desire to normalize how often they occur.

When we walk toward our ability to know beyond logic, we get more control over when and how it comes through.
We listen more closely and make better choices in both small and big decisions.
We allow ease in tough moments, because we can inherently know we are acting from wisdom instead of reactivity.

I was not born with abnormal psychic gifts. My best friend growing up had strong abilities, and it scared her, but it fascinated me. I chose to study and build these skills.

Those who can do, and those can’t . . . learn to do . . . and then teach.

We can choose to engage with this natural ability. It’s about practice.
Intuition is a matter of self-trust, and it enriches our lives on many levels. This is not about parlor tricks.

The Clairvoyance Workshop this Saturday is an opportunity to connect with your inner knowing and begin a new relationship with listening to yourself more deeply.

Together we will explore fun practices that engage our intuitive mind.
We will share our stories with like-minded people.
We will walk away with new tools for daily practice.

The  course has been moved online.
So now anyone, anywhere, can join us.

I hope that will include you.

Learn more about the details here.

Keep in mind that I also offer online Intuition Coaching, Tarot Reading Lessons, and Divination Readings to look into where you’re at and where you’re going in this new year.

I hope your holidays went well and you’re looking forward to a vibrant 2022!

Happy New Year,
Jenna Lynne Roberts

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