A Ren Faire-y Tale

Happy Mabon!

The Fall Equinox has come and summer is dwindling away. Now is the time to get your outdoor hikes in the temperate tones of early fall and harvest the garden.

If you still crave that last taste of summer, watch my YouTube Vlog on the experience of reading cards at the Washington Midsummer Renaissance Faire!

We return once again to the part of the year where we go inside and nurture our favorite hobbies, like Tarot Reading.

We already have 9 people signed up for the upcoming Tarot Reading Class. Get your spot today!

Explore the perfect winter past time with Tarot study by joining my upcoming live online Art of Tarot Reading Course around Halloween!
Learn more at PresentPathTarot.com/classes.

If you want to join with a friend or two, I am offering a special rate when more than one person books the class within 3 days of each other and mentions who their buddy is in the checkout questionnaire!
Use the code 2FORCLASS to each get 10% off as a pair or group.

If you want to settle into the internal season with some fresh insights, please contact me for a tarot reading.

Access your own insights without a deck and reach out for an intuition coaching session.

I hope your fall is full of uplifting colors and joyful harvest.

Jenna Lynne Roberts

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