Hawaiian Vibes and An Opportunity

Tarot Class Opportunity in September

I am planning to teach a Live Online Tarot Reading course on Tarot in September. If you want to join, please get in touch as I will be deciding on weekdays by the end of June.

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This week, I share some Hawaiian vibes with a flip through of a simple, small-press deck called Ka Hana Pono and a free reading from this unique oracle. Enjoy!

If you want to learn more about becoming a channel for yourself and your future creations, contact me for an Intuition Coaching session or package.

Alternatively, you can get psychic guidance when you  reach out to me for a session.

Jenna Lynne Roberts

This week’s free reading comes from the Ka Hana Pono Oracle deck by Connie Rios.
This deck celebrates aspects of the Hawaiian practice of Pono, living in harmony with the world and others.



The top card turned out to be the namesake of the book, Ka Hana Pono.
This card placement speaks to Mana’o, or the direction of thoughts.
This speaks to the act of being present with your breath and your life. Become aware of your thoughts. Notice the patterns. Allow yourself the patience and consistent practice to build new healthy patterns in your mind.

The middle card represents the heart and how to guide our emotions.
Hi’uwai is the ritual act of completely immersing yourself in water.
Set an intention to be present with your heart and clear your energetic field and give yourself a ritual healing with water.
Combined with the others, I also see this as a message of letting things go to clear your mind of unhealthy thoughts and beliefs that are not serving you. Imagine your mind being washed with fresh spring water whenever toxic thinking floats in.

The bottom card is where to draw your focus.
A’ole no is get out of your own way. Let the divine enact the next steps in your process. Trust that you’re doing your work simply by staying in a practice of presence with Pono, and clearing away old toxic behaviors that aren’t serving you.
To me, this card reflects a similar message to the Hanged Man in Tarot. Surrender to what is and trust that the divine is supporting you as you are doing the spiritual work of self-awareness.

It’s a simple message this week, but sometimes that is the most poignant and powerful type of message.

Take care of yourself. Be aware of your thoughts. Bring presence to your process. Aloha.
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