Channel Your Art with Tarot

Tarot is a Fabulous Ally to Art

Channeling takes on many forms. It might be an intuitive moment to turn left, a dance that comes from your body unexpectedly, or a hand on the shoulder of a quiet friend at just the right moment.

The more I became adept at reading tarot cards, the more comfortable I felt channeling in other fields of life. Most graciously, this my opened up my writing to a new realm.

The Tarot helped me step away from the ego of aligning the words as “Mine” and let me be of service to share the messages more freely. Tarot taught me to let the art emerge without editing.

I believe we each can access our higher self through making the art we are called to.

This week, my short YouTube describes how you can use the cards to enhance your stories and relieve your resistance to sit down to write.

Resistance is a common challenge that artists of all sorts face. Even the most famous have had blocked moments.

This week, I ask you to consider what you feel called to create just for the fun of it and where the discomfort is with moving toward that path.

What type of book would you like to write?
What creation feels imminent for you to design in your future?
What holds you back from taking the first step toward this?

Being that it’s nearly Mercury Retrograde, the next few weeks are a great time to reflect on these desires, without any pressure to begin quite yet. Just allow yourself to ponder pleasantly.

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For now, take in a Free Collective Tarot Reading to help you prepare for this round of Mercury Retrograde.

If you want to learn more about becoming a channel for yourself and your future creations, contact me for an Intuition Coaching session or package.

Alternatively, you can get psychic guidance when you  reach out to me for a session.

Happy Creating,
Jenna Lynne Roberts

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Mercury Retrograde starts Saturday until June 22! Here’s your Collective Tarot message of how to roll with the reversals!

Remember, sessions at Present Path are always 10% off during Mercury Retrogrades to anyone who mentions it. Use the code RETRO2021 on my scheduling page. Link in bio!

Deck: Fantastic Menagerie Tarot

This round, the Wheel of Fortune is reversed and flanked by the two of swords and the five of swords.

Slow your roll on decisions to be made. You need to approach them from a logical standpoint. At times, that means putting the answer to rest until you have more information.

You need this pause to come to terms with your own values in this decision.
Are you trying to win for the sake of winning? Or prove yourself to others?
Putting those reasons aside, without judgement, what *really* matters to you in this situation? How can you approach it from your own sense of what’s important?

Trust that the changes and challenges happening in your life, however uncomfortable, will pass. Make your best choices from a place of owning your values fully and acting from your highest self at the best time. You got this. No rush.

In the meantime, come get an Intuition Coaching session or a tarot reading to engage with the clarity you seek in your unique situation.

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