Steps to Manifest with Tarot

Manifest Your Best for the Good of All

When we reach for our dreams, we inspire others to be bold and aim higher.

When we burgeon through our limiting beliefs to a fresh and empowered perspective, we end cycles of toxicity.

Each week, I set my intent on how I can sincerely get across a short message that uplifts and brings self-compassion to those who read this blog and watch my content.

Sometimes I might succeed, sometimes not, but I aim to be lighthearted yet persistent in my pursuits. It fulfills me to do so, and it keeps my own chin up.  If I ever strike a chord with you, please do let me know, as it fuels my fire (or helps me redirect).

To inspire your own desires this week, I share with you a useful System of Manifestation and relate which Tarot cards speak to the various archetypes of this art form. As spring emerges, I hope you blossom toward the warmth in life that feeds your spirit with practices like this.

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Keeping it lighthearted, Gary the Unigoat shares with you his own forlorn feelings from the good old days of summer love in the 1500’s. 

Revising the traditions of the past in a modern way . . . Come Celebrate Beltane on the 1st of May we me and my friend, Kate Mura. Grab your spot in our Gallery Reading Event. Each participant will get their own reading and observe the powerful messages shared with others. Limited spots available!

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If you want to hear about my journey into Tarot and my lessons with the blues during Covid, check out The Art of Life podcast with Zoe, who interviewed me last week.

If you’re keen to live more artfully yourself,  reach out to me for a tarot reading or intuitive coaching session.

Aim high and love yourself wherever you are,
Jenna Lynne Roberts

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