Healthy Cord Cutting

Set Free from the Ties that Bind

When we connect deeply with someone, we become tethered energetically. Even after we physically part, there are still tendrils of their imprint entwined with our own.

Energetic self-care is often overlooked. Perhaps because we cannot visually see it, we presume it’s not important. Attending to this aspect of your life can play a major role in healing and aligning with your own sovereign autonomy.

You can clear and replenish your field with this simple and healthy cord cutting technique that I offer in this week’s YouTube. Have a nourishing meal, find a quiet place to be present, optionally bring a candle, and give yourself about 20 minutes to pause and restart the video as you enact each step. Afterward, use epsom salts in the shower or bath to ground and refresh, and continue to self-care in healthy ways.

Afterward, consider trying out this manifestation technique to call in what you desire. Your energy will be more welcoming to find healthier connections, and just in time for the most fertile time of year!

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Love Yourself,
Jenna Lynne Roberts

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