Time to Bloom Once Again

Sometimes blossoming can be intimidating.

This rounding of the sun in particular, we are not only shedding away our winter coats, we are shifting collectively back into the bright world of socializing and getting back to being busy.

As more of us get vaccinated, events will surge. While this is thrilling, it also is a good moment to consider your own rhythms and comforts as we all become more extroverted again.

If you want to get warmed up to socializing with others while you learn the cards from a pro, we would love your company. Join us TONIGHT for an online Tarot Practice Wednesday March 24th, Thursday, from 6pm – 7:30pm PST. (Please sign up by 4pm PST to join us!)

I also offer some ideas as to how you can enact your best self-care and pace yourself as we enter into busier times.

If you are craving your own unique guidance into how to gracefully transition from winter to spring,  Reach out to me for a tarot reading or intuitive coaching session.

Scroll on to treat yourself to a free reading for the week.

Then join me this Friday at an event where you can be as involved as you like with a Free MeWe Online Fair.

Thank you for keeping a healthy dose of your best interests at heart in all phases of this strange era.

Springtime Bloom,
Jenna Roberts

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