What to Look for in a Tarot Deck

“Can I Buy My Own First Deck?”
I get this question a lot.
The Answer is a Resounding YES.

People want to add mystery and ritual to the tarot, so they have created this story that makes it seem more like a club that you need to know someone to get into.

Unless you’re already in a coven with a matriarch who is about to bequeath you with your first deck, please buy your own deck.

A tarot deck is a work of art that speaks to you, and it’s best if you choose it for yourself. Find one with images that draw you in and speak to you.

If your mind can wander across symbols and details as you gaze at each card, this will help you get into your elusive right bring as a reader.

A traditional Tarot deck has 78 cards in 5 suits that relate to the major arcana from Fool to the World, and minor arcana suits related to the 4 elements.

It’s fine if they threw in an extra beyond that, like the Happy Squirrel card (inspired by a Simpsons episode).

Check that the minor arcana (typically aligned as Cups, Swords, Pentacles and Wands) are all richly decorated with stories and symbols.

It’s a lot harder to interpret the meanings of a picture that just has 4 Swords on it, rather than a portrayal of a person resting peacefully.

While a used deck can be fine, it’s best to cleanse it before reading with it. Put all the cards in sequential order. Sage it. Interview it (learn more about this is my class). Make sure the cards resonate well in your hands and feel right to you.

If you are getting a new deck, please be sure to purchase your decks from the artist who made it or their publisher, and not a knock-off illegal reprint.

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Scroll down for a YouTube with more details on how to Choose a Tarot Deck wisely. (This was one of my earliest productions, as you can likely sense, but the information is valid.)

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Hope to see you soon!

Explore Tarot,
Jenna Lynne Roberts

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